See the Zimny Trawers 2013 expedition wrap up published at the bottom of this page

Zimny Trawers (Cold Traverse) is an amateur group of people, who gradually extent its experience and knowledge about winter exploring through performed expeditions. We already accomplished:

  • Zimny Trawers 2013 – winter traverse of Hardangervidda plateu in Norway
  • Zimny Trawers 2014 – expedition to Sarek and Padjelanta National Parks in north Sweden

River valley at the borders of Padjelanta National Park

Below a few words written before March 2013, when we were planning our first project – Zimny Trawers 2013:
There are three of us, Polish guys, and we are going to traverse Hardangervidda plateau from north to south. Starting point is small town Finse, finish spot is Haukeliseter. We are going to cover about 120 km long. We travel with sledge, a.k.a. pulka, carrying on it our all belongings. That setup lets us experience self sufficiency during entire traverse.
We will leave Warsaw (Poland) on March 1st, flying to Oslo (Norway), and than take a train to Finse. The traverse starts there on March 2nd, ends March 10th in Haukeliseter. From Haukeli we take a bus to Oslo, and finally by plain we come back to Warswa on March 11th.

Hardangervidda na mapie Norwegii

obszar otoczony kółkiem to plaskowyż Hardangervidda; see Hardangervidda in the circle

Hardangervidda is the biggest mountain plateau in Europe, easily reachable place with Alpine, cold climate. It is ideal destination to feel the flavour of serious winter expedition, with severe weather, but without traditional problems of remote areas like Arctic or Antarctic (costs, safety, formal boundaries).

What were the goals of this trip?
Well, we aimed to kill two birds with one stone.
Firstly we simply wanted to savour the adventure and collect some experience for next years’ plans.
Secondly this trip should have showed that quite serious winter expedition is within the reach of average person.

We run this blog in Polish, but we have good command over English.
Therefore if you have any question, please use our Contact.

Moreover, just after the expedition we will publish photos. That stuff luckily does not demand translation ;-) .



We came back, happy and extremely satisfied with our expedition.
Traverse was finally divided into 8 days of walking.
We covered 123km, so the average distance was about 15km per day. The maximum day distance was 28km (3rd day), when we decided to make a long walk to secure the timing and be sure, that we would reach Haukeliseter and get bus to Oslo.

Zimny Trawers map, color dots stand for actual track, black lines represents planned track

We traveled on snow shoes and learnt, that it is very unique there – Norwegians prefer skies. Snow shoes were very effective and comfortable. Do recommend them.
We had to spend first day in Finse waiting for better weather. Wind was blowing as a hell, and we see maximum for 20 meters ahead. The next day wind became much weaken, and it let us start our 8 days trip. Later we enjoyed good and very good weather, sunny days and quite cold nights with beautiful clear sky. The minimum temperature was about minus 17 Centigrade.

All nights we spent in tents. We visited 2 not-manned shelters, but only to check how well they were staffed (and they were; and they are kept in very good shape).

Walking and navigating was not a big issue for us. There are not a lot of hills, so it is not very much challenging to walk there. For the first 2 days track was marked with the sticks, later on we benefited from traces left by our predecessors.
If you are looking for area, which resembles Arctic, and is much more chipper and easier to reach, do consider Hardangervidda plateau in March.

Visit our gallery  and enjoy our photos

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